The Allure 150/250 HD Gen2 Weld-in underwater lighting range are designed to be welded into aluminium and steel hulled yachts.

With the thru-hull housing section secured into the hull the light engine can be inserted into the rear of the housing

independently. Should any maintenance be required the light engine can be removed with specialist tools to be inspected, repaired or replaced all from inside the hull.

There is a sealed air bleed screw that is removed during insertion and removal to release air pressure, this also acts as a safety system for crew members removing lights, as it indicates if the front lens or seals have been compromised before the removal of the engine has taken place. A big safety feature over traditional lights.

The light engine and electronics are factory sealed to prevent water ingress and internal corrosion and results in minimal spare parts. Using Deutsch plug and play connectors the entire system can be quickly fitted and serviced if the need arises.

The aluminium and stainless steel cofferdams are offered in two length options, either 0 degree’ or ‘extreme’ which will accommodate hull angles of up to 30 degrees.

Installation may require Lloyds, RINA or ABS approval. OceanLED works through a Design Appraisal Document (DAD) process as the lighting is now being treated as a system; this entire process can be managed and processed by OceanLED