The F-Series HD Gen2 offers a secure future proof concept for underwater lighting for large superyachts and provide the ability to create any desired colour scene for your yacht.

The superyacht underwater lighting products from OceanLED all benefit from identical technology from an LED perspective, and can be further customised with additional features such as dimming and panic mode operations.

The cofferdams are welded into the hull and the light engine is bolted on to the rear of the cofferdam which creates an airtight seal.

The light engine can achieve up to 25 degree counter hull angling within the fixture itself to maintain an even light beam level around the hull which eliminates the need for lengthy cofferdams, which, in turn, improves Lamina flow, fuel economy and speed.

The F-Series HD Gen2 light is made with unique Linear Optics. The light engine is factory sealed to prevent water ingress and internal corrosion. Using Deutsch plug and play connectors the entire system can be quickly fitted and trouble shot if the need arises.

Power options are available, either as individual AC drivers or grouped in an AC driver cabinet system whereby all the electronics can be centrally located. Additional options such as dimming, panic mode operations and remote control are available.

To further customise the underwater lighting effect, three beam angle options are available. A narrow 20 degree beam is sometimes popular off the stern creating a jet like effect. The 60 degree beam is the standard medium width beam pattern and the 140 degree flood beam is most often chosen for blending lights together down port and starboard.

As the cofferdam becomes part of the intrinsic hull, each installation requires a Lloyds, RINA, ABS, GL or other approval agency to inspect the installation prior to receiving type approval for the vessel. OceanLED will project manage this process directly with the yard and the local surveyor